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15.01.2015 16:07 Alter: 3 yrs

AplusB: "We also were a startup 12 years ago."

14.01.2015 - Over the last decade, the Austrian network of incubators AplusB managed to support over 500 companies on a sustained basis. To inventures, executives talked about their own evolution as a company.

On our round table, six CEOs of the AplusB founder centres INiTS Vienna (Irene Fialka), BCCS Business Creation Center Salzburg (Gabriele Steinkogler-Scherzer), accent Lower Austria (Michael Moll), CAST Center for Academic Spin-offs Tyrol (Florian Becke), build! Carinthia (Karin Ibovnik) and Science Park Graz (Emmerich Wutschek) came together to review their past performance, discuss current issues and give an outlook on the upcoming entrepreneurial challenges for Austria.

How would you describe yourselves? How are you different from other incubators?

Fialka: I started in 2004 and at that time, not even students at the WU (Vienna University of Business and Economics) were interested in becoming entrepreneurs. We were far behind other countries in the global statistics and the AplusB centre really made strides when it comes to dusting off the universities and forging entrepreneurial spirit.

Becke: I think that it’s just the fact that it’s not all theoretical, but put into practice. The people that had ideas and made them reality got help from us along the way. We were able to support and develop the best practice examples and role models, which sends a strong signal in each university department we work with.

Wutschek: What sets our startups apart from other startups is that they have an academic background. The people who have these ideas spent a few years to study what they plan to bring into the market, usually it’s a new solution, so there aren’t as many price wars when they enter the market because usually they are the first to produce their product.

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