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20.08.2013 12:51 Alter: 4 yrs

CAST-team HooVi: Music to the ears

08.08.2013 - Hubert Hochleitner (50) describes himself as a guitarist with a passion for sound design. After losing his job at a tobacco factory at age 43, he had to re-evaluate his life and eventually decided to turn to the thing he had been putting off for years: music. Since he was a teenager, he has wanted to optimise the sound coming out of a guitar amplifier. He went for it: He founded HooVi, and gradually developed Deeflexx - his very own guitar Sound Deflection System.

The stage is set. The audience is waiting for the band to fill the room with roaring rock’n’roll. Finally, applause. It’s the beginning of an unforgettable night when the drummer taps his sticks and the band begins to play. But then, one of the guitarists, Hubert Hochleitner, can barely hear the sound coming out of his amplifier.

It’s one of the most annoying things for a guitarist: the shrill sound emerging from the centre of the amplifier, which musicians call “beam”, that not only makes for an uneven sound but for burning ears and cries of pain.

This concert happened back in 2006 but Hubert Hochleitner had known about this problem for years before. When he bought his first amplifier as a teenager in 1978 to practice in his room, he noticed an unpleasant sound coming from the amp, always depending on his position. At first, he thought it was a defect. But then he found out about the so-called “sweet spot”, which is about three steps away from the amp. If the guitarist finds this spot, the sound is supposed to be at its best. But musicians know that the beam still occurs, independent of the amp you use.

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