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CAST-Team superTEX: of carrots and tubes


08.05.2013 - “The exit should not be your carrot,” says Valentine Troi, who entered the entrepreneurial scene as a complete newcomer. With her startup superTEX, the trained architect is developing highly innovative and flexible composite materials for architecture and design, but also for the automotive and aerospace industries out of Tyrol.

While many founders seem to have concrete ideas about their business models and exit strategies, for some of them, starting a company is not an explicit career goal, but more of an unexpected opportunity taken. This was the case for Valentine Troi, founder and CEO of superTEX. Originally from Southern Tyrol in Italy, the energetic young woman had come to Austria to study architecture in Innsbruck.

After her studies, Valentine was working as a self-employed architect and teaching freeform geometry at the Institute for Architecture in Innsbruck. As a research assistant, she helped students turn their architectural designs into prototypes in 2008. Many of the freeform designs with rounded, irregular shapes were, however, difficult to build from materials available to the students, such as wood and metal. Valentine did research on other materials but did not find what she was looking for. This led her to take the initiative herself: “If the industry doesn’t take the time to develop a material that architects can use to build their prototypes and models, we might as well just have to do it ourselves,” she thought.

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