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CAST-Team stillalive studios: teamwork accross ocean and desert


25.04.2013 - “Enter the desert world of Noshrac. You are a Son of Nor, a human mage with the sole mission to protect and preserve what is left of your race.“ Set against the scenery of a quiet and green residential area in Tyrol, this may not have been my initial association, as I arrive at the headquarters of stillalive studios in Innsbruck a.k.a. founder Julian Mautner’s apartment. But as soon as the lead developer of the indie game company and two of his international team members introduce me to the world of role-play game development and their current project Son of Nor, I start to forget that I’ve actually come to do an interview on how they started out and work together as a team.

Julian, stillalive studios’ 25-year-old Austrian CEO, story and game designer Ricardo Valenzuela from Ecuador, and art director Adrian Melton from Minneapolis, US as well as Swiss Christoph Polus, who is in charge of production and PR and follows our conversation like a web 2.0 Max Headroom through one of the four screens on Julian’s desk, still manage to communicate some interesting facts about their startup. Ricardo and Adrian have come to Austria for a “working holiday” of two weeks. It’s the first time they see each other and their boss face to face. Although they have only met virtually so far, they seem very much in sync. That might just be the result of hundreds of hours spent together on Google Hangout and Skype.

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