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CAST team visalyze: More than just graphs and pie charts

16.04.2014 - With hundreds of thousands of tweets per hour and thousands of comments on Facebook, social media managers often have a hard time keeping a proper overview of what is happening on a client’s social media platform. This is where the Innsbruck-based startup visalyze comes in. Tyrolean-native Christoph Holz has developed a tool that, by identifying patterns, visualizes what has worked for the client in his social media presence.

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Christoph Holz describes himself as a „late vintage founder.” At the age of 47, the Tyrolean counts himself among the late-comers to the world of startups. Together with Christian Junger, now technical director at visalyze, Christoph says, he “wanted to find out if we could still pull something like that off in our old days.”

Christoph, wearing his trademark bow tie, has a degree in IT and aerospace engineering. Upon graduating from university, he founded an internet agency in 1995 and worked 70 hour weeks for years. Now, he has two small children and says that he has “reached an age in which a proper life-work balance becomes more and more important.”

He also works a lot during the night. The things keeping him awake usually revolve around his startup visalyze, a software service that provides visual analyses of social media accounts he founded in 2011. “Social media was actually not our starting point – data journalism tools were,” Christoph explains. “The central question that acted as a catalyst for the foundation of the startup was: how can we find new areas of application for our visualisation competencies?”

So Christoph and his team called 40-50 people, who are among the Top 100 social media professionals in the German-speaking world, and asked them if they were in need of visual support for their work. Having received positive feedback, they started looking for pilot clients who would potentially be interested in such visualisations. Stiegl, an Austrian beer brewery, contracted them for an individual project, in which Christoph’s team analysed the company’s Facebook page. That’s what got the ball rolling.

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