Methods and technologies for cooperative IT systems


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IT services

Brief description
The business enterprises of the future are based on solid business processes and a clear commitment to innovation. This is a good reason to offer to these enterprises the results of the excellent research output of cooperative systems by Quality Engineering Laura Bassi Lab (QE LaB) as a service. QE LaB develops methods and technologies for cooperative IT systems with high quality demands. The research results are made economically exploitable for business enterprises by the QE LaB Business Solutions spin-off. The company offers the conceptual design and management of cooperative systems, change driven engineering as well as quality analyses and audits.

Tasks performed by CAST

  • General strategic consulting in the field of growth and commercialisation

QE LaB Business Services GmbH
GF Dr. Michael Felderer
Technikerstrasse 21a
6020 Innsbruck
T. +43 680 1238038
F. +43 512 5079871