Ablation catheter for treating atrial fibrillation


Branch of business
Medical engineering

Brief description
AFreeze develops and produces cryotechnology for the treatment of the most common form of cardiac arrhythmia world-wide: atrial fibrillation. The technology, consisting of an intracardiac catheter and control device, works through tissue sclerotisation by means of extreme cold (cryoablation).

As compared to existing but inadequate therapies, the use of intracardiac catheters allows for a quicker and gentler ablation treatment of atrial fibrillation. The simplified treatment promises a considerable increase of therapeutical success and a reduced risk of complications. 

Tasks performed by CAST

  • Assistance in the preliminary stage of formation
  • Strategic patent consulting
  • Coaching in the course of preparation of a business plan
  • Financing of prototype development and initial pre-clinical trials
  • Support in the search for cooperation partners

GEWINN Jungunternehmerpreis 2009  

AFreeze GmbH
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Dr. Gertraud Unterrainer | COO
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