Oncolytic virus for the treatment of cancer

Vira Therapeutics

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A team of scientists at the Medical University of Innsbruck has developed an oncolytic virus that systematically reproduces in cancer cells, destroying them in the process. Vira Therapeutics, a spin-off to be founded shortly, now intends to transfer this virotherapy from the laboratory to the hospital. Oncolytic viruses are natural or genetically modified viruses exclusively reproducing in cancer cells; accordingly, they can destroy a tumor without damaging the patient.

They may be used in the virotherapy of various types of cancer and have a large potential especially with respect to the treatment of metastasizing tumors. All over the world, several oncolytic viruses are in the process of pre-clinical and clinical development. Vira Therapeutics relies on the oncolytic VSV-GP virus that is particularly effective in animal experiments.

Tasks performed by CAST

  • Support during the preparation of the business plan
  • General strategic consulting
  • Support in obtaining cooperation partners
  • Assistance in acquiring further financing

CAST Award 2011 Sonderpreis der Jury. Adventure X 2012 .
Best of Biotech 2012
Tiroler Innovationspreis 2012

Medical University of Innsbruck
Department of Virology
Dr. Dorothee von Laer
Dr. Lisa Egerer
Dr. Sabrina Marozin
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