splineTEX® fibre-reinforced composite


Branch of business
Plastics technology

Brief description
superTEX studies building materials and production technologies with respect to the contemporary requirement of free-form structural elements and has developed a novel composite material based on fibre-reinforced plastic: splineTEX®. With splineTEX®, weather-resistant load-bearing free-form lattice structures can be produced in various dimensions and for a wide range of functions.

As opposed to traditional manufacturing techniques, the free-form structural elements can be obtained without any mould and without expensive moulding procedures. splineTEX® allows for a novel, intelligent way of design. The patented technology is exclusively applied and exploited by superTEX.

Tasks performed by CAST

  • Coaching in the course of preparation of a business plan
  • Patent consulting and patent management
  • Financing of the start-up project
  • Assistance in acquiring further forms of financing

Adventure X 2011. Tiroler Innovationspreis 2011. Phönix 2012. IF Material Design Award 2012

superTEX composites GmbH
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