Innovative biomass power plant concept

SynCraft Engineering

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Renewable energy systems

Brief description
SynCraft Engineering has developed and patented a new biomass gasification procedure for the decentralised generation of electricity and heat from solid biomass, e.g. wood chips, the so-called CraftWERK. With this new biomass power plant concept, about twice as much electricity can be produced per kilogramme of biomass, emissions can be reduced by up to ten times, significantly less expensive biomass can be processed, and all that with a total efficiency of the plant (electricity and heat) of about 80%.

The first pilot plant, CraftWERK Alpha, was built in Schwaz already in 2009; so far it has been able to prove its potential in hundreds of trials and test runs. In November 2012, the commercial demonstration plant CraftWERK Beta was successfully commissioned in Southern Tyrol. Starting in 2014, commercial CraftWERK plants will be electrically available in an output range of 250 to 500 kW for the first time.

Tasks performed by CAST

  • Assistance in the preparatory stage of formation  
  • Strategic patent consulting
  • Coaching in the course of preparation of a business plan
  • Financing of pilot plant development
  • Support in soliciting follow-up financing

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